Affording NFS

Flexible Tuition

Guided by the Newtown Friends School mission of inclusion and accessibility, the school offers Flexible Tuition. In short, we want more families to have access to a private school education. This innovative model for determining cost aligns tuition with what a family can afford to pay. Flexible Tuition allows accepted students to benefit from a dynamic Newtown Friends School education.

Newtown Friends School is generous, but resources are limited. We ask that families consider all of their financial resources before applying for Flexible Tuition.  Each year, the demand for Flexible Tuition exceeds the allocated budget. Not all students, therefore, in need of Flexible Tuition will be funded. Admitted students who are not offered a Flexible Tuition award in the first round have the option to be placed on the Flexible Tuition waitlist should funding become available at a later date.

Installment Payment Plan
Newtown Friends School partners with Smart Tuition for collection of tuition and fees. Through this online payment system, families may arrange for one, two or tenth month payment plans. The ten month plan allows families to make payments over a 10-month period, beginning May 1st. Payments may be made by auto debit, check, and debit or credit card.

PA 529 Plan Information
Due to federal legislation (H.R. 1), families are able to use PA-529 Plans to pay for expenses in tuition for up to $10,000 per year, per beneficiary at Newtown Friends School. The official PA-529 Plan website  suggests that families who wish to use this benefit contact the PA-529 Plan Office at 1-800-440-4000 or, which is a part of the Pennsylvania Treasury Department.

Newtown Friends School does not help in financial planning decisions, so we highly suggest contacting the PA-529 Plan Office, as well as consulting your own personal financial planner before making a final decision.

Quick Facts

  • Interested families must apply for Flexible Tuition each year.
  • Flexible Tuition is based on availability of funds.
  • Flexible Tuition determinations are confidential.
  • 50% of our current students qualify for the Flexible Tuition Program.

Contact Information

Let us assist you with the flexible tuition application process.  If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Niszczak in the Admissions Office or Caryn Frank in the Business Office at 215-968-2225.
At NFS, we look at many factors when assessing tuition for each family. Income is only one of the financial variables we consider. Other factors such as home equity, business-related expenses, assets, consumer debt and the number of children attending a tuition charging-school are considered.

2024-2025 Full Tuition

Pre-K $19,700
K - 5 $26,115
6 - 8 $27,220

2024-2025 Fees

Pre-K $100
K - 4 $125
5 - 8 $225
Parents find value in these experiences that are included in our tuition:

"NFS was our first private school experience, and while we did have some concerns about the price of the school, we were more concerned about the quality our daughter's education. NFS has worked with us to meet our needs and make it possible financially for our daughter to attend the school."

- Alex & Alan - NFS Parents


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Is every family required to apply for Flexible Tuition?

    No, not every family is required to apply. Families who can afford the full tuition cost will not need to take this step. Of course, families are welcome to apply, although not all families will qualify for the Flexible Tuition Program.
  • How does NFS determine what a family can afford?

    Through the Flexible Tuition Program, NFS determines tuition for each student based on what SSS, our current third-party financial assessment provider, calculates as a family's ability to pay. This number is based on a family's "Estimated Parental Contribution" that takes into account many variables including but not limited to income, assets, debt, household size, and tuition commitments for all children.
  • How is "Flexible Tuition" different from "Financial Aid"?

    It is more than semantic. It reflects the School's commitment to making an independent school education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. We achieve this goal when all enrolled families are making an equitable contribution to their child's education.
  • What does socio-economic diversity look like?

    Our goal is for the student body to be representative of a wide range of socioeconomic levels. We seek to avoid what is typically experienced in a traditional financial aid model, where there are a large number of full pay families and a large number of families receiving significant financial aid. We aim to attract more families at middle income levels who can afford a good portion of the tuition, but not the full cost.

Flexible Tuition Policies

  1. For current families, Flexible Tuition applications must be submitted by January 31.   Newly enrolling families may submit an application upon acceptance of their child's admission application.
  2. The Flexible Tuition Committee may ask an applying family to clarify required information that the committee feels is incomplete, incorrect, or ambiguous.
  3. The committee will not consider an application for Flexible Tuition if the procedures and timetable for applying have not been followed.
  4. The committee will not consider an application for Flexible Tuition if the applying family has an overdue account with Newtown Friends School.
  5. Requests for Flexible Tuition from Quakers and current families receive priority over requests from families of other newly admitted students.
  6. Allocations of and requests for Flexible Tuition remain strictly independent of the admissions process.

Flexible Tuition Application Process

  • Newtown Friends School partners with School and Student Services (SSS) to determine a family’s eligibility for Flexible Tuition. Online applications are available through the SSS website.  The Newtown Friends School code is 5338.
  • A copy of the family’s 1040 is uploaded to the SSS website.
  • Flexible Tuition eligibility is determined as applications are received.
  • The deadline for Flexible tuition is January 31. Thereafter, Flexible Tuition is offered as available.  All families are encouraged, however, to apply as early as possible, as requests for Flexible Tuition will exceed the amount available.
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