School Life


The Arts at Newtown Friends:
Cultivating the Creative Bent in Every Child

Visual Arts Broaden Student Perspectives

Teaching children to embrace creativity and innovation is the heart of our visual arts program. Because those are also core skills that help build resilient and successful adults, we believe our fine arts program is an essential springboard for a well-rounded life.

Students learn both traditional and contemporary techniques and gain an appreciation for the ideas and expressions of others. The NFS visual arts program helps students develop age-appropriate skills and build progressively on those skills as they move through the grades.  
While not every student may consider themselves an artist, each will benefit as they:
  • strengthen fine motor and visual-spatial skills
  • explore new techniques
  • learn that unconscious decisions can be excellent decisions
  • realize that mistakes can actually move a project forward
  • understand relationships between patterns and colors
  • sharpen attention to detail
  • become familiar with the artists who have influenced our culture and our world
  • explore composition, mood, craftsmanship, and design
  • connect art history with broader themes in the classroom

Music: From Classics to Contemporary

Research demonstrates that as with visual art, music enhances brain function and emotional health. The Newtown Friends music program appreciates those benefits, and gives students multiple opportunities for expression and involvement.
NFS students discover a broad range of musical expression as they learn to read music, sing, dance, and perform. Through exposure to a variety of musical forms and periods from the Renaissance to rock and roll, they build confidence, improve listening skills, and discover new passions. Our music curriculum stems from the music education philosophies of Zoltan Kodaly, Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, and Orff Schulwerk. In addition to periodic assembly and holiday meeting for worship performances, all students in kindergarten through sixth grade present a music show during the year.  

Instrumental Learning at a High Level: The Grand School of Music @ Newtown Friends School

Newtown Friends School’s exclusive partnership with Bucks County’s acclaimed Grand School of Music offers students the chance to learn from internationally known conservatory-trained musicians and teachers without leaving campus.  As part of the NFS music curriculum, all  second graders receive semi-private violin instruction during regularly scheduled music class.  Parents can also contract separately with the Grand School of Music and enroll students in private lessons on the  piano, cello, violin, and viola after school or at a convenient time during the day.

All Grand School of Music at Newtown Friends School students perform in recitals and concerts for family and friends and our young musicians also participate in the Newtown Friends School/Grand School of Music Ensemble that performs several times a year at school and around the community.  Many of our students go on to perform with outside ensembles such as the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County, where directors Sebastian and Noelle Grand both serve as conductors for intermediate and advanced orchestras.  

Innovative Middle School Electives

In seventh and eighth grade, students participate in electives over the course of the school year.  Each year, students in the Musical Theater perform in a Broadway-style show.  Our faculty continuously innovates to create electives that develop the talents of every student recent offerings have included digital photography, animation, chorus, handbells, traditional and contemporary design, and ukulele.

Good News for Parents and Students

The fine arts program at Newtown Friends School cultivates creative expression for students at all levels. As a private school in Newtown, PA, we’re committed to keeping the arts alive and well in our curriculum, benefiting students with skills and knowledge that will last throughout their lives.
Located In Newtown, Pennsylvania, Newtown Friends School is a Private School For Grades Pre-K-8th Grade.