A pre-k through eighth grade coed day school
Challenging our students to cultivate a better world 
Through after-school and other extracurricular activities, frequent and meaningful community service opportunities (many of which, like The Agents of Social Change, are student-driven), and strong intergenerational ties to Pennswood Village, learning is expanded outside the classroom walls. Newtown Friends believes in enriching students with varied experiences and having children get to know, understand, and contribute to the different communities of which they’re a part. The school also recognizes that childhood is a time to have fun and that relaxation and play are vital to growth. 

Parents are an integral part of school life. The NFS Parents Association, which includes all parents, oversees many fundraising and friend-raising activities annually. In addition, many parents enjoy visiting school, whether to attend a presentation or performance or to help in the classroom. Because of the school’s small size, families are quickly welcomed into the school community.