School Life

School Life

School Life at Newtown Friends School

Beyond Academics, We Value Enriching Activities and Joyful Culture

When considering school options, parents want to envision a day in the life of their child at a particular school. They would love to see their child flourishing in a supportive atmosphere that aligns with the values they teach at home. They imagine teachers who encourage their child's heart and mind. They picture their child trying new things, forming new friendships, and growing in every way. This is what parents and students find at Newtown Friends.

Quaker or Not, You’re Family

NFS is a welcoming community rooted in rich Quaker traditions and values. But you don't have to be a Quaker to be a part of our family. You can feel at home here through our reinforcement of fundamental values such as kindness, acceptance, and service.

Engaging Mind, Body, and Spirit

Students can choose from a  wide variety of after-school clubs and extracurricular activities that encourage them to grow and stretch in meaningful ways. Along the way, they build solid friendships and make lasting memories.

  • Interscholastic athletics are available for fourth to eighth grade (basketball, cross-country, equestrian, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball), and ski club is an option for all middle school students
  • Math league, an online national competition, sharpens math skills
  • Yearbook Club creates memories for the entire school community while teaching skills of organization, design, and photography
  • Stewardship Committee encourages responsible consumption and greener choices through campus-wide education and projects
  • Community initiatives such as the student-led The Agents of Social Change (TASC) inspire social justice through application of Quaker principles locally, nationally and globally
  • Intergenerational programming allows each student to build relationships with our senior citizen neighbors at Pennswood Village

Parents in Community

Newtown Friends School values and welcomes parent involvement. There are numerous opportunities for parents to become part of the community through establishing meaningful relationships with other parents who value our school community. The NFS Parents Association is a caring, inclusive community. Each family is warmly encouraged to participate as they are able through visiting school, attending presentations or performances, helping in classrooms, and assisting with outreach or fundraising.

A Focus on Safety

Parents can feel confident and students can feel secure at Newtown Friends. We consider each child’s physical safety and emotional health to be our top priority.
  • NFS’s calm and kind atmosphere is shaped by Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship
  • An on-site nurse, full-time school counselor, and the responsive classroom curriculum underscore our commitment to student wellness
  • Campus facilities are well-equipped with cameras and secure entrances
  • Faculty, staff, and volunteers are carefully screened in background checks

Connection Across the Grades

Newtown Friends School creates opportunities for our younger learners, older learners, and everyone in-between to have shared experiences that build community. Whether in classroom buddy activities, enjoying outside fun at the Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom, or in our weekly meeting for worship, students learn from one another and find their voice.

School Life with Purpose

Parents and students find that Newtown Friends is committed to reflecting Quaker values across every aspect of our school program. Through our positive and joyful campus culture, students find belonging and learn that, regardless of their age or grade, they can make a difference in their world.
"I believe the biggest benefit of my children attending NFS has been the close and caring community that they now call a second home. NFS offers so many activities and community events outside of the regular school day that enrich my children's lives. We have attended movie nights, potlucks, and fall festivals at NFS. These experiences have allowed my family to make connections with other families who have similar family values and common interests as my family."

- Kelly, NFS parent
Located In Newtown, Pennsylvania, Newtown Friends School is a Private School For Grades Pre-K-8th Grade.