NFS School Committee and Staff work with Jen Cort

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the School Committee and staff of Newtown Friends engaged in on-going work with Jen Cort.  Jen facilitated two sessions with the School Committee to help them more deeply understand their role and connection to diversity work.  In addition, Jen worked with the staff to create "Equity Learning Circles" and are working collaboratively in small groups to deepen their understanding of certain topics.  Jen supplied well-stocked Google Drives replete with resources on each topic. The learning circles have met twice since then and will continue to meet throughout the fall and winter of the 2021-2022 school year.  The goal will be to have each group share what they've learned with the rest of the staff in Spring of 2022.  Equity Learning Circles at NFS are organized around such topics as race, gender identity, cognitive ability, religion, ethnicity, bias, mental health, bias and values different from my own.
Located In Newtown, Pennsylvania, Newtown Friends School is a Private School For Grades Pre-K-8th Grade.